Carbon Steel Straight Through Sight Flow Indicator with Flap and Scale Plate

The Fig.924 sight flow indicator is a variant of the Fig.923, incorporating a stainless steel flap and scale plate, which has a scale reading from 1 to 10. The flap is hinged in place above the internal drip spout. As liquid flows through the unit, the flap is forced to move through an arc.

The position of the flap in relation to the graduated scale-plate, indicates changes of the rate of flow of a liquid in a pipeline, from a drip to full flow conditions. The internal stainless steel flap is electro polished to improve viewing in murky liquids. The Fig.924 is suitable for both horizontal and vertical upward flows.

Maximum working pressure: 25 Bar

Maximum working temperature: 250°C

This unit is available with a variety of standard screwed or flanged end connections. Other options include a choice of;

Glass: Toughened Soda Lime or Toughened Borosilicate

Gaskets: Nickel Reinforced Graphite or PTFE

Rhodes Sight Glasses are fully manufactured in Great Britain, with castings from Great Britain.

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